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Small laser engraving machine | | small portable laser marking machine, laser carving machine price The laser

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-23
Small laser engraving machine, a portable laser marking machine, mini laser carving machine should be divided into two aspects, the price of domestic and imported laser engraver machines and desktop configuration of laser engraving machine is the same, will not because the machine size different configuration is different also, in fact the configuration between the two is the same, then the price is the same. Domestic laser engraving machine is also a good laser marking machine, imported some places may not be good, but it also has a lot of advantages, after all, price difference is also different, so the price of the domestic laser engraving machine laser is one of the biggest advantages, the country of origin of the domestic equipment is his own side, very convenient also maintain, this is the second big advantage of domestic equipment. With the two advantages, many small manufacturers will appear in the domestic laser carving machine market basic, laser laser carving machine based on different prices different device configuration. Imported laser carving machine belongs to a more high-end equipment, imported equipment mainly laser, laser carving precision can reach 0. 001 mm, it is a kind of high quality laser marking processing equipment, not often appear any problems, the quality is good. More save maintenance cost, as a kind of high-grade imported equipment price is not cheap, general price according to the different configuration, price fluctuation is big, price is in commonly in the domestic laser engraving machine price increase at least 5000 yuan of above. The advantages of small laser engraving machine is small volume, convenient to carry, than the standard desktop laser marking machine easier and processing. Small laser engraving machine also can be divided into several kinds of products. Small optical fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, hand-held laser marking machine. Laser marking machine is suitable for the material is very wide, metal and non-metallic materials, plastic, etc.
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