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Small T-shirt printer: advertising science, custom enterprise guanggu shan why pop? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-26
Advertising, advertising, broadcast, this is the origin of the first advertisement. Actually, advertising is not import, the ancient early in advertising. The zhou dynasty, give priority to with selling advertising, through word of mouth, achieve the goal of propaganda. In 'chu ci' & other; Teacher looked at the boss, drum knife speaker & throughout; , t hope is little, the drum dao refers to slaughter pigs and sheep, the poet vividly vividly shows little in the market, tapping knife meat. Form of advertising a lot more now, companies in order to get advantage in the industry, will be spending on advertising is very big. And guanggu shan as a novel modern advertisement carrier, because of its very good liquidity, just wear it in the body, passing people will see that ACTS as the propaganda effect, not only will not cause others trouble is easy to accept, and low cost, can be repeated use, it is other forms of advertising are incomparable advantages. The design of a company's guanggu shan, to a large extent can reflect a company's aesthetic and cultural. Uniform clothing on the one hand, can reflect the enterprise's characteristics, promote the company's philosophy, culture and so on, to easy for their clients to promote the charm of the enterprise, enhance customer to enterprise's trust and promote cooperation. Costume is full of humanistic care, on the other hand, enterprises can enhance staff's cohesive force and the sense of belonging. Then what will you pay attention to introduce custom guanggu shan for everyone. 1, guanggu shan, choose our common fabric types include polyester cloth, TC, CVC, cotton. As we all know, the cotton content is lower, the fabric is the simpler cottony ball, plain weave fabric than simple cloth cottony ball beads. And all cotton fabric not cottony ball, and permeability is strong, is also very comfortable to wear, is a good choice to guanggu shan custom. Followed by the polo unlined upper garment, etc. , it is not only, and is suitable for some relatively formal occasions, can yet be regarded as a good idea to wear a. 2, custom printing process using the new textile laser printing machine guanggu shan, matching epson original nozzle, can print better. Late lay waste products to reduce costs, reduce the maintenance cost of the machine. You can choose a logo customization, or some pictures with special significance, full color, a gradient forming, washable, resistant to cut, even the rest of the time to wear is not abrupt. Textile laser printing machine using environmentally friendly close skin ink, customized design is clear, feel is gentle. Suitable for garment factory proofing and small batch customization, or at home make little sideline, not time-consuming, easy to operate! Want to customize guanggu shan? Choose! Now call our sales hotline: 400 - 8316492; 13265335569
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