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So-called co2 laser marking machine use have any significant effect on plastic packaging?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-10

plastic packaging is mainly used in synthetic or natural polymer resin made from resin as the main material, plastic packaging in the packaging industry occupies 25%, belong to one of the four materials of packaging industry. Can be seen everywhere in our daily life of plastic packaging products: mineral water, bags of potato chips, cookies, candy, edible oil, rice, plastic bags, pharmaceuticals, paper towels, bread, oatmeal, sausage, noodles, frozen dumplings, steamed buns, spices, flour, cosmetics, shampoo, shower gel, detergent, mask, etc. , almost are involved in many industry plastic packaging products.

these plastic packaging products on the identity information marking all have one thing in common: can use co2 laser marking machine to mark. The types of goods in a supermarket is relatively complete, so when we go to the supermarket to buy commodity might be able to see this situation: not all of the plastic packaging of goods is using the same kind of form to mark, there are both traditional ink printing, and the existence of the adhesive labels. These two forms of mark way way is easy to lose information, many consumers when take down will will ink erase or label paper torn off, thus giving customers buying experience is also very poor.

in order to improve the user experience, you need to start from the details. Traditional industry constantly in the process of transforming into the Internet +, also means that some businesses seized and high-tech products or is the combination of technical measures, which in many competitors to stand out, this also is the inevitable trend of social development. Identification of laser marking technology in the industry of the more popular marking equipment, it has incomparable superiority to traditional marking, to be able to solve the problem of various industries for the identity information of code. Advantages of Co2 laser machine is able to solve all plastic packing goods in any one industry identification code problem, specific performance is as follows:

1, fast speed, high finish: Co2 laser power play mark, if not in the case of particularly high can still able to complete a marking effect of the identification information, meet the demand of production in large quantities.

2, permanent marker, more environmentally friendly: played to laser marking equipment tag is permanent, not easy to wipe, do not need supplies, maintenance free, more environmental protection and high cost performance, low cost and reliable.

3, demand diversity, avoid single: co2 laser laser laser marking machine is not just used to tag production date, for the company name, serial number, logo, icon, design such as complex information can still on the plastic packaging. At the same time also can choose according to need 10 w, 20 w, 30 w, 50 w co2 laser machine.

4, good compatibility, the operation is simple: the output of the equipment can be compatible with a variety of software, and do the humanized operation, and can realize automatic incremental choreography and modification effect.

5, long life, high cost performance: the life of the carbon dioxide laser laser printing machine can reach 2 ~ 40000 hours, almost don't need maintenance, able to work continuity, for large quantities of high standard is made is one of the very good marking equipment.

all in all, the so-called co2 laser marking machine in the use of plastic packaging has a good advantage, able to solve the plastic packaging industry for the problems arising from the traditional mark form, at the same time also can let more industry involved, solve more code requirements in the industry, and increase the efficiency of this kind of industry, etc.
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