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Solution for printing drug monitoring code on drug inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-23

What is the solution for printing drug supervision codes on drug printers? Drug safety issues are related to people’s lives and health. Electronic drug supervision codes are a national supervision method for drug safety. The state focuses on the implementation of the program. The inkjet printing of the drug supervision code also has certain specifications, and only the cij printer of the drug supervision code can meet the specification requirements.

The color of the vertical bar in the barcode should be It is black, and the color of the empty bar can be white, yellow, orange or red, but what we usually do is black and white. Bar code printing must not have deinking, stains, broken lines, etc., and the edge of the bar code must be clear, without halo or bending. These requirements are the basic requirements in the drug regulatory code printing specifications.

It is very common to assign codes on the packaging of medicine boxes. Only with a clear and visible code marking, consumers can be more at ease when purchasing medicines. There are two common applications, one is to print the code on the medicine itself, the other is to print the code on the packaging material, the packaging material includes small packaging, large packaging and so on. The importance of labeling in the pharmaceutical industry is self-evident. In the future, it will not only meet the simple labeling problems of pharmaceutical manufacturers, but also involve the overall solution of automated labeling and traceability marketing to provide “one item, one code” labeling for medicines. Service, quality control of drugs from the source, after the front-end production work is done, on the back-end consumer side, drug introduction and information collection are done to help companies make decisions. Today, with more and more automated production lines, many pharmaceutical companies are equipped with more advanced technology and assembly lines, and the speed has been greatly improved. Some traditional medicine box cij printers can no longer meet the marking needs. High-speed coding equipment has a leading speed in terms of speed, which can achieve a high-speed coding of 150m/min, which can meet the coding speed requirements of most pharmaceutical packaging. Faced with the application characteristics of various industries, a lot of work has been done in the selection of the pill box cij printer and the equipment of consumables. From research and development, production to intelligent manufacturing, according to the characteristics of the industry, targeted optimization and transformation are carried out to achieve With a more environmentally friendly logo, more efficient on-site application, the degree of automation is higher than that of the same type of products, and the functional configuration is also stronger.

The solution of printing drug monitoring code for drug cij printer: content, advantages and disadvantages. The color differentiation of the medicine box trademark means that the trademarks of the same product are distinguished by different colors in different regions under the premise of keeping other signs unchanged; for example, the outer packaging sold in Shaanxi is red, and sold outside Henan The packaging is blue. The technology is high, the cost of fleeing goods is very high, it is not suitable to be destroyed, and it can better prevent the fleeing of goods. Factors such as the large-scale production of the outer packaging of the medicine box and the fine division of sales areas affect the packaging cost. If the sales area is divided, it will destroy the positioning and taste of the product, leave a negative impression on consumers, and have a negative impact on enhancing the brand's reputation. Pill box packaging, specification and color differentiation means that the trademarks of the same product are in different regions, while keeping other signs unchanged, different specifications are used to distinguish; for example, the outer packaging sold in Shaanxi is boxed and sold to The outer packaging of Henan adopts unit packaging. The anti-sweeping technology is high and the price is high, and it can also play a better role in anti-sweeping.

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