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Solution of Enterprise Anti-Fleeing QR Code Inkjet Printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-26

What is the enterprise anti-smuggling QR code inkjet printer solution? Before we understand the anti-smuggling QR code inkjet printer, let's first understand Click on the QR code.

The QR code is a more advanced barcode format than the one-dimensional code. One-dimensional codes can only express information in one direction (generally the horizontal direction), while two-dimensional codes can store information in both horizontal and vertical directions. One-dimensional codes can only be composed of numbers and letters, while two-dimensional codes can store information such as Chinese characters, numbers, and pictures. Therefore, the application fields of two-dimensional codes are much wider. Nowadays, two-dimensional codes have been widely used in various fields, and we can see them in many places in our daily lives. During the production process, the products and components are coded and managed, and the production process is systematically recorded. It can avoid errors in the production process and improve production efficiency. Nowadays, printing two-dimensional code logos has become the choice of many businesses. So, what are the common types of printers that print two-dimensional code logos? What's the effect?

Many people know about inkjet printers, but what many people are familiar with is basically small character inkjet printers, which have a market share of nearly nine. become. Small character inkjet printers can also print two-dimensional code logos, but because it is a dot matrix font, it is definitely difficult to achieve high-definition printing effects. In recent years, uv inkjet printers have appeared on the market, namely variable data label cij printers, which are high-definition inkjet printers with very clear printing effects.

So, what do companies pursue for printing clear QR code logos? The answer is: anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling. Under normal operating conditions, after the business is on track, it will seek to expand its scale. After the business scale is expanded, the risks of counterfeiting and counterfeiting will increase accordingly. The expansion of the scale will require more dealers. The number of dealers has increased and the difficulty of management has also increased.

The purpose of preventing counterfeiting is to rectify the channel market, to prevent the occurrence of counterfeit and inferior goods and vicious counterfeiting, and to ensure regularity The legitimate rights and interests of distributors. So how to use the anti-sweeping QR code inkjet printer to print the two-dimensional code logo, how to realize the anti-sweeping of cargo?

1. Assign a unique 'ID card' to each product: every intermediate link from the production of the product to the delivery of the product is entered through the scanning device Specific information for each link. Use barcode and QR code labels to manage product data;

2, mobile phone scans the QR code logo printed on the product: after the customer purchases the product, they only need to take it out Scan the QR code on your mobile phone to check the authenticity. At the same time, the anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting system will automatically determine whether the consumer’s query location matches the previously recorded sales area;

3. The enterprise tracks the product logistics according to the system, quickly finds the location of the distributors who may be diverted, and conducts follow-up related processing.

The two-dimensional code marking mainly tests its stability for inkjet printers, including ink and nozzle, positioning of printing objects and ink dot size.

The above is the solution for the enterprise anti-smuggling QR code cij printer. If you want to know more about the inkjet printer, please consult Sign Technology Co., Ltd., Sign It is a veteran company focusing on inkjet printer technology for more than 15 years, independent research and development, customizable, industrial marking equipment company that can provide high-quality solutions, integrating design, production and sales. Sign has become a well-reputed enterprise among the manufacturers of industrial sign systems, with business all over the country. It has served 2000+ high-quality customers, met the needs of customers' industrial coding, and committed to simple operation and to meet the special requirements of customers, providing a full range of identification solutions.

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