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Solutions for tracking and tracing of inkjet marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-09
The imprint tracking and tracing solutions for cij printers are hardware, software and services. It establishes a strong core, a unique code application project in a production environment. From there, expand outward to capture key supply chain information, and for other business applications, such as ERP, WMS, it is easier to send in. Videojet's imprint tracking and tracking solution fingerprint is your brand. Through this tracking solution, you will find the following questions: 1. What is counterfeiting your brand and threatening your brand; 2. The benefits of the tracking and tracing solution for Videojet's imprint 1. Solving the problem for your brand Threats Videojet’s imprint tracking and tracing solutions can effectively solve specific threats through your brand fingerprints: Counterfeit: Through Internet facilities, the establishment of a gray market is promoted. Counterfeit and shoddy seriously affect the company’s interests and immeasurable long-term damage , Related brand companies due to unqualified product quality: unscrupulous individuals can transfer the product to the retail store, which seriously damages the image of a brand. Recall: If there is a problem in the development and production of the product, it needs to be recalled. This brand fingerprint will save you worry and effort. 2. The benefits of Videojet's imprint tracking and tracing solution Proven software and production line control system to mark and read almost any material or solution in the production environment, non-destructive implementation adapts to existing packaging production lines, configurations and procedures The cost-effective solution is based on the purchased hardware and software components. There are no ongoing coding costs or high upfront license fees. Modular design codes can be formulated in countless ways to suit individual needs with the most suitable brand. Data It can be incorporated into an existing IT structure or host Videojet’s scalable single production line to a multi-facilitymulti-line structure, and it is also conducive to initial investment.
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