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Some of the considerations - use the printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-22
Again good machine, we need to users of all good maintenance, regular cleaning, regular check the correct operation, etc. We take a look at some matters needing attention for using printer! 1, when suddenly loses power, power outages, the ink cartridge can not be normal in place, should be timely if the voltage stability, to the cartridge is normal right rear can normal use. Note: when the printer red power indicator lights are flashing, don't pull the plug or cut off the power of the printer. 2, because of the special inkjet printer ink volatile, and using the environment factors, such as do not use for a long time can also cause nozzle clogging, so even if you don't use for a long time also should boot self-check once every month. This, because every time after the normal boot printer will be calculated according to its internal clock switch machine time interval, and according to its length to automatic cleaning the print head, its purpose is to prevent long-term do not use the nozzle clogging caused not print properly. 3, when the ink after use, should be timely replacement of new ink or ink. By adding ink method to prolong the service life of the cartridge, even cause the cartridge plug is not the whole machine is discarded. It is important to note that these cartridges for negative pressure, if after adding ink, don't take out excess air, there would be no ink jet printing. 4, the custom of different printing way. By choosing to use different ink cartridges, media type, adjust print concentration, custom printing mode, so as to achieve the purpose of saving ink. 5, to effectively avoid the cartridge long exposure in the air, resulting in dry plug phenomenon, when the printer when not in use, nozzle should be put in special nozzle storage box. 6, regular cleaning the print heads. When cleaning, should try to use high quality light mop of wet paper towels or cotton paper towel carefully on the edge of the nozzle, pay attention to don't hit the nozzle. And then reuse the cleaning of the keys on the control panel of nozzle cleaning, until the clear print effect is better. As engaged in the printer manufacture more than ten years, layer upon layer the control about the quality of the printer, so the laser printing machine is high precision, good performance, the machine is the public must not miss!
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