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Special coding on cosmetics

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-16

The country is gradually improving the label information supervision of imported cosmetics. The 'Cosmetics Standards

The Regulations on Knowledge Management' have been formally implemented on September 1, 2008. According to regulations, cosmetics logos should be directly marked on the smallest sales unit (package) of cosmetics

, cosmetics with instructions should be attached to the smallest sales unit (package) of the product; According to the needs of the product or when it is difficult to reflect all the information of the product in the label

, the instructions for use should be added, and the instructions for use should be easy to understand, and there must be illustrations when pictures are needed. . Consumers need to be aware that 'all imported cosmetics sold in China

have corresponding Chinese labels, generally indicating the product name, manufacturer, manufacturer, Address, telephone and other related information.' This is also one of the basis for distinguishing the authenticity of the product.

At present, there are special inks on the market to deal with the anti-counterfeiting of high-end cosmetics. The information printed by this special cij printer ink is invisible to the naked eye and needs


The fluorescent color can only be displayed under the special purple light. Although this kind of ink brings inconvenience to consumers, it can play a practical role in preventing counterfeiting and counterfeiting.

In addition to reading the Chinese description to understand the product, other anti-counterfeiting marks must be used to identify the authenticity of the product. Imported cosmetic bottles must be marked with the symbol of the Ministry of Health. In addition, imported cosmetic bottles must have 'three certificatesChina Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine) mark'.

It is understood that cosmetics imported from regular channels must be inspected and qualified by the inspection and quarantine department according to regulations, and the circular laser affixed with the CIQ logo of the commodity inspection department Tags

. Only with this label can it be sold on the market. CIQ is a laser anti-counterfeiting label. This label will have different colors under different light angles. It is an important basis for me to distinguish the authenticity of the product. After each CIQ logo, there is a set of computer coding numbers. The new version of the CIQ logo is coded as 16 digits divided into two lines, each with 8 numbers. After the CIQ logo on the genuine product packaging box is torn off, the computer coding number will be automatically affixed to the outer box of the product. The fake and parallel imports may not have the CIQ logo. For fakes with CIQ logo, there are usually two situations: one is that they cannot be completely torn off from the packaging box; the other is a fake CIQ torn

After downloading, the number is on the back of the torn-off small disc, not on the product.

With the improvement of anti-counterfeiting labeling technology, counterfeit and inferior products will gradually have nowhere to hide, but consumers must be vigilant when buying goods to avoid being deceived

Be deceived. To improve the awareness of anti-counterfeiting, first of all, make full use of the product's anti-counterfeiting label, and the authenticity of the product can be preliminarily judged through the anti-counterfeiting label. Second, pay attention to the official website of imported cosmetics, so that you can enter the product and check the authenticity of the product. Third, in order to ensure personal health, try to buy at brand franchise stores, and the quality will be more reliable.

Fourth, do your homework and learn the specific meaning of various product labels through multiple channels before purchasing cosmetics.

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