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Special PCB laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-22
A special laser marking machine for PCB board in the PCB industry is known as the optical fiber laser marking machine or two-dimensional PCB laser marking machine. In PCB industry, laser marking technology got fully embodies the advantages of. Qr code marking high quality, high efficiency, marking time is long, high consistency, low cost, environmental protection and reliable. It is widely used. With thin, light and miniature electronic equipment development, the size of the PCB is very small. To save space, usually on the PCB board markers of QR code is very small, 2 x2 mm QR code, for example, information and contains more than 20 characters, the high density and small size the QR code can only be done by laser marking technology of optical fiber laser marking machine, laser marking technology is more than inkjet ecological, more economical. Mark for a long time will not be easily removed. Nondestructive contactless tags will not damage the base material. Processing of high precision and small. Can realize zero. 12 x0。 12 mm 31 QR codes of laser marking, long service life and work more than 100000 consecutive hours, high processing efficiency, QR code completed in less than 1 second, beautiful marking effect with the hand touch the touch of the top no clear, manual operation is simple and stupid. Commonly used method is to use laser marking technology in PCB record string, one-dimension code, two-dimension code and other information, and then through the camera to identify loads it into the database. Automatically delete not skilled products, in order to realize the whole process of internal product. From the source supplier information to track the outgoing product data, monitor the whole process of quality traceability, to maximize the quality of the products and effectively implement the control of production automation.
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