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Spurt the code machine consumables should choose to use the importance of high quality ink

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-22
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spurt the cij printer used in printing industry for the industry is not strange, actually has not yet appeared in the laser marking machine, the commodity information tags are used to spurt the code machine is realized, and in the form of silk screen. We all know that material is needed to cij printer including inks, thinner, etc. Some of the main consumables, no material is sprayed to print out the desired effect. When supplies after use merchants need to buy, some businessmen in order to save the cost to buy some inferior material use, this is will bring certain harm.

spurt the cij printer type so much, so the corresponding type of spurt the code machine consumables is also a lot of, use between different types of jet. the spurt the cij printer consumables ingredient content there is a difference, but manufacturers are not to be used in order to save materials, cost of avoid by all means go to buy some cheap material to replace, be sure to use high quality material, it can really reduce the cost of spending, the importance of using high quality materials are as follows:

1, assume that manufacturers in order to save material costs and buy inferior consumable, so really can save costs in the short term, but in the long run inexpensive consumables to spurt the code machine equipment stability, operation, service life, after-sales service, key components, such as damage, brings the high cost of maintenance costs to the business, not selfish.

2, on the surface using fake material is to be able to reduce cost, but what do you think the business will exist kindness? In fact this is just a trap, in order to leave high to go is to make the enterprise is low, make the use of its actual costs do not drop. But the quality is not so, although look spent a lot of cost, but does not actually is good for the device itself.

3, high quality ink supplies in some measure, is to have rules and pass the test, but inferior may be excessive, one thousand because of the excessive harm themselves or to others harm, damage is still enterprises.

4, fake ink also problems for enterprise after-sales, sales had an accident and the merchants of counterfeit products are not responsible for, but the original original ink manufacturers must be perfect after-sales service.

all in all, no matter from the machine itself, or the human body harm or is in terms of cost, using high quality materials is particularly important. Merchants can not blindly pursue cost savings, can not blindly pursue short-term benefits, should set out from the long term, in order to prolong the service life of machine and reduce the probability of breakdown maintenance, and improve the stability of the equipment, the user will consider safety and health point of view, logo in this is highly recommended that you must use the high quality or the original material used, avoid by all means is showed.
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