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Spurt the code machine dry sharing: to spurt the code machine common faults and maintenance methods

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-23
dry sharing: to spurt the code machine common faults and maintenance methods source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 5 0

often hear businesses complained: 'machine malfunctioned, again is not working, and a waste of time for repair' actually this kind of thing often happens, many factories will appear in the equipment malfunction, business is always not clear where the problem is, for enterprise's production and the working efficiency is bound to be affected by a lot. Tong yi will revolve around spurt the code machine to do a share, a brief analysis of the spurt the code machine what are common fault and maintenance methods, hope to see this share businesses help ~

about jet. the recycling tube failure problem: when the spurt the cij printer recovered sensor can't detect whether tube for ink, may not have to is because of the location of the chalk line, or a nozzle met congestion. Merchants can choose to check the position of the chalk line, if too far, that means that the nozzle is blocked, need to clean the nozzle of the cij printer, otherwise not. But if just slightly a little bit off, businesses can try to adjust the chalk line position.

maintenance problem about printing machine nozzle:

a, the nozzle is extremely easy to dust plug nozzle spurt the code machine, because of the congestion in the long run affect the effect of the spray printing, serious word may decrease the length of the nozzle, therefore, need to be pay attention to cij printer working environment.

b, nozzle when installation must aim at nozzle outlets, not hard in them, or lead to nozzle can't work normally. Need to note is that static electricity for nozzle also can cause serious damage to a part circuit problem, so the operator in the process of operation must eliminate electrostatic factors.

c, in order to prevent the nozzle blocking and drops of ink and influence the printing effect, on the use of avoid by all means will cause friction or nozzle with the other objects will hang on the nozzle surface fuzz.

about jet. the recycling line pressure is not enough or too small problems: by recycling pipeline wall, leakage, recycling pump or damage to the cause. Solution:

a, to spurt the code machine recycling filter to remove and cleaning fluid flush, mainly to see whether can issue from the return pipe, if not is clogged tube, from the return pipe will need to wash; If there is a need to so recycling filter installed

b, leak detection link collection tube joint is happen, if there is no recycling pump is blocked or is damaged, not conversely.

c, if the above two points can't to solve the problem, you will need to contact manufacturer for repair, maintenance engineer need professional help

about the spurt the code machine leakage on spray: need to select the stable performance, good quality, reliable, light electric eye; Also need to adjust the electric installation position and magic eye right regulation of use; Need to make sure that arrangements are no longer move up on the production line; Need to choose the right spray print array points, and avoid the production line speed faster than the speed of laser marking machine and affect the spray print.

all in all, spurt the code machine operators must be in strict accordance with the requirements for operation, and spurt the code machine related consumables ( Ink, solvents, cleaning agents) Are strong corrosive effect, be careful in use process, avoid to touch on the skin, eyes, nose, etc.
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