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Spurt the code machine equipment of the seven basic maintenance of general principles

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-22
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cij printer equipment for sign industry is one of a very important part of the laser marking machine haven't appeared on the market before, spurt the cij printer has been used in many industries, to help manufacturers solve the problem of code assigned commodity labeling information. The most common is the date of production problems, and of course also includes other code assigned commodity information problems. Laser laser marking machine effect is much greater than the advantages of spurt the code machine, but the role of the spurt the code machine in the production line is still extremely important, and this is why there are still exist various types of printing machine is one of the factors.

there are many types of spurt the code machine, including the small character spurt the code machine, big characters printing, packaging laser marking machine, hand-held spurt the code machine, uv printing machine such as a variety of different types, whatever the style, brand spurt the code machine in the maintenance of all need to follow the basic principles of seven common:

a basic principle: spurt the code machine at the end of work need to be normal shutdown, can quickly cut off the power supply for convenience. At the end of the automatic cleaning machine count seconds, namely when the main pump is still in the running condition should be a small amount of cleaning fluid filling the print collection tube, ensure recycling tube to save plenty of cleaning fluid. This approach can guarantee the machine after a long time after downtime, still can ensure the normal operation.

basic principle 2: when we use the cleaning fluid to spurt the code machine, nozzle, charging electrode, high pressure recycle deflection plate, pipe, parts after thorough cleaning, should be wiped with a clean cloth or paper towel, and ensure that there is no residual ink these key components. Such practices to ensure that the machine is in a good job on standby.

three basic principles: after complete the cleaning job should be recycled pipe cap in a timely manner, for a consumables such as ink, easy should also caps. Do this way to dust, also can prevent material evaporation and affect the spray printing effect.

four basic principles: on the diluent of spurt the code machine, the main ink tank with a red cap, or the other cartons, mainly in order to prevent contact with air, resulting in hard condition.

five basic principles: keep the spurt the cij printer's interior, half the cases of no less than 5 degrees. Doing so can prevent ink freezes, also can ensure the machine in the startup would be able to open it.

6: basic principles for some type use pigment ink laser marking machine, avoid by all means will be the main, the power was turned off the main power supply shut down lead to ink in the uneven state, affect the use. Keep the machine in a sleep state, it can make the main pump to stir regularly, ensure the uniform of the ink, and shall not affect the spray printing effect.

7: basic principles for some factory will stop more than 7 days of user equipment, should be placed again after cleaning to ink road system, some downtime shorter users can not to clean the ink road system, according to demand.

above all is about spurt the cij printer maintenance downtime on seven basic principles, these principles are applicable to all types and models of spurt the code machine equipment use, can reduce the frequency of spurt the code machine malfunction, hopes to be helpful to see the merchants of this share.
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