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Stable and energy-saving type has become the key to inkjet printers in food packaging applications

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-14

The food inkjet printer can print multiple lines of information, the content is one-dimensional, two-dimensional bar code, LOGO, graphics, variable bar code, anti-counterfeiting code, supervision code, digital, Text,

database, etc. The bar code information of food can include the information of production, storage, transportation, processing, distribution and other links, mainly including tracking product quality, post-event information

tracing , Anti-counterfeiting and other functions. Labeling food packaging can also improve brand image, attract consumers, prevent counterfeiting, prevent cross-selling, facilitate sales, and effectively monitor

And so on. In this way, all aspects of food production and sales are supervised, quality is guaranteed, and food safety is greatly improved. Food cij printers have become the first choice for surface marking on food packaging.

The general-purpose small food packaging marking cij printer is called Continuous Ink Jet Printer (Continue Ink Jet Printer), referred to as CIJ type , Also known as small character jet

The printer uses pressure to continuously eject ink from a single nozzle. After the crystal oscillates, it breaks and forms Ink dots, the ink dots move after being charged and deflected by high voltage.

The surface of the object is scanned into characters.

The food industry is a fast-moving consumer goods industry. The stability and reliability of the production line is the most concerned issue for food companies. For inkjet printers, the nozzles are easy to block

Problems that cause downtime are most likely to cause trouble to food companies. This is also one of the technical difficulties of cij printer competition.

First of all, when the machine is not working, the recovery device will return to the nozzle position under the automatic movement system, and the nozzle sealing technology will make the nozzle and Reliable recovery device

Sealed, it will automatically open when it needs to run and print, so that dust and impurities are completely prevented from adhering to the nozzle As a result, the boot ink line is skewed, which can effectively prevent the nozzle clogging caused by the curing of the ink, which improves the production efficiency and makes the use more stable and reliable.

Secondly, the timing switch function can automatically circulate the printing ink. Therefore, food companies do not need to worry about the nozzles curing due to the printing ink during long holidays. Cause blockage. In addition,

In addition, food companies can also set the machine to turn on and off automatically at any time.

Thirdly, the built-in diaphragm pump can generate system pressure through the transmission device without mechanical wear, so that the life of the pump can be prolonged and eliminated The impurity generated by pump wear

makes the ink system cleaner, thereby reducing the possibility of system clogging and reducing ink circulation In the end, the solvent volatilization caused by air absorption into the system is reduced, and the ink composition is more stable.

Finally, the use of low-vacuum recovery technology and thin recovery tubes can save solvents by 50%-70%, and use consumable filters The time is longer and the overall performance of the machine is more stable.

Along with the global environmental protection themes, the prices of environmentally friendly raw materials have generally risen, and food companies have not been spared, suffering from costs. The pressure of

, therefore, the energy-saving problem of inkjet printers has also become an important part of the cost control of food companies. For example, food production requires food-grade ink, and the ink is a chemical substance.

Quality, how to ensure the safety of edible items is for food companies and inkjet printers Manufacturers need to consider issues.

Today, inkjet printers have been more and more widely used in the packaging and labeling of various foods. How to better guarantee the cij printer Stable performance, increasing wiring speed, and reducing the cost of use, etc., will be a topic of concern for food companies for a long time. The corresponding technical issues will also become key issues that the company needs to continue to study. These issues will be continuously discussed, researched and developed until new products come out, and this process will be repeated again and again.


cij printer has become a standardized way of dealing with date coding machine.
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