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Stainless Steel Color Laser Marking Machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-12

Stainless steel color laser marking machine

With the rapid development of science and technology, laser marking machine has gradually entered people's daily life, and is also widely used in the processing and marking industry . But we only know that the color of laser marking is relatively simple, either white or black. In fact, laser marking can also produce color effects, which many people should not know very well. However, not all materials can be used, and the color effect can only be marked on metals such as stainless steel, iron plates, and steel plates.

Stainless steel color marking is mainly to open up new application fields of laser marking, expand the market of laser marking machines, and also enhance the international competitiveness of the stainless steel industry. The use of stainless steel color marking machines not only can It makes the stainless steel products give people a pleasing visual impact, and makes the products more beautiful and high-grade, and increases their value.

Stainless steel color marking corresponds to the energy of the laser. Different parameters can mark different colors. There are three color rendering methods for stainless steel color laser marking: one is to generate Colored oxides, secondly, under the action of chemistry, electrochemistry or laser, a thin layer of colorless and transparent oxide film is formed on the surface of stainless steel, and the oxide film produces interference effect, which can show different colors on the surface; thirdly, at the same time A mixed state of colored oxide and oxide film exists. In today's era of advanced laser technology and people's pursuit of fashion and individuality, color laser marking opportunities are gradually favored by people. With the continuous innovation of technology, I believe that color laser marking opportunities will add a lot of color and fun to the laser industry.

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