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Still worrying about purchasing models?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-13

In recent years, the anti-counterfeiting and traceability functions that cij printers have brought to various products have been recognized by manufacturers from all walks of life. In this era of 'transparency' , The inkjet printer can not only realize the fact that 'one thing, one code can be checkedIn order to improve the image of the manufacturer and the brand, it is a great deal for criminals who want to be shoddy.

However, as more and more manufacturers realize the importance of barcodes, such problems have also surfaced, including customers not knowing what they need Which kind of

I bought the wrong coding equipment and brought me a lot of losses.

When choosing an inkjet printer, merchants should first understand their products: where they need to be coded, what is the purpose of the code, and so on. Secondly, we need to study the product size requirements for the ejected characters, and whether there are any special requirements. Many customers did not know that the inkjet printer actually needs consumables when they first bought it. Therefore, in the later use process, the cost of consumables has become a more headache.

So when choosing a printer, what issues should we pay attention to?

First, select the appropriate printer model according to the size of the product. have a wide range of applications, so the products involved are also different in size and material. For example,

For simple date coding on products, directly select economical printers when purchasing. When coding some small parts or electronic components, you should choose a micro printer

When faced with products with faster production speeds, high-speed printers should be selected. Make the best use of everything and make the inkjet printer work perfectly with the product. In the production process, it can achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.

When spraying different content, the printers are also very different. When more complex coding work is required, the high-end models are more efficient and effective.

For example, if you need to jet two-dimensional codes, barcodes, or need to use pigment inks, then you should choose a multi-function cij printer. When coding such bars as the date of spraying and product number, you can use an ordinary inkjet printer.

Many customers always enter a misunderstanding when buying: the size of the inkjet is determined by the size of the inkjet printer. In fact, the part that controls the size of the print is the print head of the printer. Different brands of inkjet printers are equipped with different types of print heads, which can not only meet the needs of the size of the ink, but also can print in a variety of colors. The

printer head of the printer can be roughly divided into 40 micron, 50 micron, 62 micron and 75 micron, etc. The most commonly used is 62 micron nozzle.

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