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Summarize the operation steps of fiber laser welding

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-18

Regarding the operation steps of optical fibers, there are many types of optical fibers, and the operation may be different for different models. Laser Technology summarizes the general welding steps for you, for reference only. The specific operation requires professionals to carry out the operation.

1. Preparations

Fiber splicing requires not only professional splicing tools but also many common tools to assist in this task, such as scissors, vertical knives, etc.

2. Installation work

Generally, we use the fiber storage box to fix the optical fiber, and put the optical fiber wrapped in black protective sheath from the rear interface of the storage box. Into the fiber storage box. Surround and fix the optical fiber in the optical fiber storage box to prevent loosening in daily use.

3. Peeling work

First, peel the outer surface of the black optical fiber and remove about 1 meter long about. Then use a utility knife to remove the protective layer from the optical fiber. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the core of the optical fiber is made of glass filament, which is easy to be broken. Once broken, the data cannot be transmitted normally.

4. Cleaning work

No matter how careful we are in the peeling work, there is no guarantee that the glass filaments will not be polluted at all. Therefore, we must clean the glass filaments before the welding work starts. The most common method is to moisten a paper towel with alcohol, and then wipe and clean each small fiber.

5. Socketing work

After cleaning, we need to put fiber heat shrink tubing on the two fibers that need to be spliced. The fiber heat shrink tubing is mainly used for glass fiber After the docking is completed, the joint is sheathed, and a new protective layer is formed after heating.

6. Splicing work

Place the fiber with the glass filaments peeled off at both ends in the fiber fusion splicer.

Then fix the glass filament and press the SET button to start welding. You can see the connection of the glass filaments at both ends from the display screen of the optical fiber fusion splicer. If the correctness is not too crooked, the instrument will automatically adjust the alignment. Of course, we can also manually adjust the position by pressing the buttons X and Y. After waiting a few seconds, the optical fiber splicing is completed.

7. Packaging work

The spliced u200bu200bfiber glass filaments are still exposed and easily broken. At this time, you can use the optical fiber heat-shrinkable tube just put on to fix it. Put the optical fiber with the optical fiber heat shrinkable tube into the heater and press the 'HEAT' button to start heating. After 10 seconds, you can take it out. So far, the fusion of a core is completed. Finally, the fusion spliced u200bu200bfiber needs to be placed and fixed in the fiber storage box.

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