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Summer use LED jet. the _LED jet. the - need to pay attention to

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-22
As is known to all, LED spurt the code machine is currently popular a spurt the cij printer type, the current has been used in many fields. But due to the high LED spurt the cij printer is a kind of mechanical equipment, due to the high temperature of summer, so use this diversity in the summer LED spurt the code machine also need to pay attention to the following aspects of content, can better save operation effect. 1, attention is often observed, if necessary, dilute ink because LED cij printer in the process of daily use, the need to make sure that the ink viscosity, appropriate to ensure better use effect, and due to the high temperature in summer, when not in use for a few days, spurt the code machine ink viscosity will become very high, such easy to cause the pressure change, make the breakpoint is not normal, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory spraying effect, often observe ink viscosity is required at this time is normal, if found ink viscosity is too high, so you need to cij printer in the use of LED before proper adding diluent to the inside ink tank. 2, pay attention to ventilation and fire prevention, ensure that use the environment right is hot in summer, for the LED jet. the product, to ensure that use the environment must be suitable in the summer, attention should be paid to ensure the production site of ventilation and fire prevention. Because in the printing ink and solvent may contain a certain amount of volatile compounds, these volatile components along with the increase of temperature could accelerate volatile, when the gas when it reaches a certain intensity may accelerate the fire danger, therefore, to use LED cij printer must pay attention to ventilation, don't put the ink and solvent concentration to pile up. Comprehensive above points of view, using the LED spurt the cij printer in the summer, pay attention to the often observe the ink viscosity, dilute when necessary, this can better guarantee the spray print fonts, at the same time also need to make sure that the LED jet. the ‍ appropriate use of environment, pay attention to when using ventilation and fire prevention. In addition, when using reliable LED ‍ spurt the code machine also need timely cleaning nozzle and ink road system, clean recycle tube of residual ink, to ensure that the air filter unimpeded.
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