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T-shirt is it expensive to customize, need how many money? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-28
Custom t-shirts are very common in our life, include some brand offline activities or movie promotions are various custom clothing style. We often see people wearing custom t-shirts, said life attitude, lovely design, an activity of memorial, company LOGO etc. The T-shirt is it expensive to customize, T-shirt need how many money? 1. Custom t-shirts prices constitute the first, we need to know the price of custom t-shirts is how to make it. In general, the price of the custom t-shirts is composed of a bottom unlined upper garment price and printing price, also is the main cause of custom T-shirt price difference. So, if we want to control the cost of custom t-shirts, we can choose from a shirt cost and printing process. Adopt the new T-shirt laser printing machine, matching epson original nozzle, can print better. Late lay waste products to reduce costs, reduce the maintenance cost of the machine. 2. The number of the number of custom t-shirts custom t-shirts will also affect the price of custom t-shirts. More quantity, the cost of printing is relatively low. Adopts double location of the new T-shirt laser printing machine, printing speed is faster than other digital printing laser printing machine machine more than one times! The same time can get a better printing effect, and greatly improve the efficiency of print. In 2019 launched a new T-shirt machine for double location on the printer configuration XP2000 nozzle and boards, independent research and development on the basis of guarantee the print effect is greatly increased the speed of printing. This is rely on the professional and technical support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly develop machine running independent board and is more than ten years of experience in manufacturing printers of bumper and gravity to create customized artifact! ! ! Sales hotline: 400 8316492; 13265335569.
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