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T-shirt printer: 2019 different? Start from the 'clothes'! Custom fleece to make more different - 2019

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-02
This one the best of times, if you have tired of the streets of malfunctions hot style, want to pursue their own personality? Then customize your own exclusive clothes will be your good choice. Don't have to worry about bump unlined upper garment! Although often said that bump unlined upper garment is not terrible, who ugly awkward. But you can customize your different tastes, refused to mediocrity, refused to the same! So why not? How to choose the suitable fleece add color for the autumn of 2019? 1, wei clothing thickness selection on the market of common paragraphs lint thin and thick, usually thin fleece is not add wool, suitable for spring and autumn season, the thick fleece is inside a fleece, suitable for the cold winter. 2, fleece styles with cap sleeve head, when compare easy collocation, is very popular with young people, round collar set of head, is also quite common, simple and easy; Zipper cardigan, sets relatively easier to wear off, for girls, can avoid the scratch of makeup look awkward. 3, fleece fabric choice of general fleece fabric of cotton and other fiber blended reasonable matching, can both sides strengths, both close skin comfortable and no deformation of the ball. Everybody when choosing fleece fabrics can be considered according to the weather and the use of scene. 4, fleece customization prices fleece custom is mainly composed of bottom shirt cost and printing cost, cost including printed edition fee and printing costs per piece, can according to the printing effect when choosing printing process and team budget comprehensive considerations. 5, fleece customization process of digital jet printing machine printing process is very suitable for, not only is suitable for the people like low-key, simple style, contracted custom way; And suitable for all kinds of hip-hop style, small and pure and fresh style and so on different style. When the custom fleece can combine their own printing design, the effect of the custom transfer employees all like! Digital jet printing machine is the assurance of quality! Choose us, the quality guarantee! 18 years of good quality, buy is to earn! ! ! Sales hotline: 400 - 8316492; 13265335569
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