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T-shirt printer: add some spice to life, let oneself better - custom clothing

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-27
Young people always feel your personality is placed, whether friends, weibo moaning whinge-bags or trill, quickly make force release enough to show their own characteristics. There are some young people began to focus on the clothing, custom clothes can let a person see at a glance of a person's characteristics, the cost is lower, wear and fashion, it is a very good idea! Halloween, Thanksgiving Day is coming, time and tide wait for no man, really. This year's festival wear a costume ready? Don't wait for holiday to, watch others good-looking clothes look on, blind admiration. Small make up today to teach you how to quickly customized clothing! Suction eye Fried chicken Easy! First, select the appropriate bottom unlined upper garment is the foundation of doing a custom fleece. Good bottom unlined upper garment also needs to produce high quality fabrics, this will affect the quality of clothes, wearing comfort, service life, etc. When who dress custom, can not only see, I'd choose the cheaper or want to consider to our own specific needs. The fabrics of pure cotton material is a good choice! Not burr pilling, wearing also comfortable. Secondly, choose the right pictures. Last year's custom logo unlined upper garment to take up a wave tide restoring ancient ways. Custom simple brand logo on the clothes, and with different letters font reflects the wearer's attitude, it is very simple, vivid, be clear at a glance. Finally, using the custom printing T-shirt laser printing machine. Place after processing the clothes on the print platform, start the T-shirt laser printing machine for printing. After printing, use ironing clothing ironing machine, rapid evaporation ink excess water. Such a style and nice dress is custom, is very simple. 18 years of good quality, buy is to earn! ! !
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