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T-shirt printer: annual meeting will come, how to add color to their company? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-26
As is known to all, annual meeting is a company all staff common witness the course of a year of struggle. In such an important moment, if, in the annual meeting of the custom who dresses, that must have been to this feast add many colors. Why do you say that? Compared with the chaotic, tidy themselves look will look more harmonious. Because clothing neatly unified itself bring aesthetic feeling. This is why many companies custom uniforms for employees or custom unified group take the cause of many groups, can customize the slogan on the clothes again, company logo etc. Then select custom T-shirt laser printing machine overalls what good? 1. Is the old brand, first is the research and development production, the digital printing equipment, has nearly 19 years. The machine performance of mature, experienced technical staff, don't worry about the use of machines and after-sale problems. 2. And the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly develop a new generation of independent boards, printing speed of break the shackles of industry. Double location of the new textile printer can print two pieces of clothes at the same time, only 2 & lsquo; 40 ' ‘ ! ! ! Batch jobs, afraid of pollution? In a T-shirt printer quickly! Print the entire non-polluting, using high quality imported textile ink environmental protection, is this your configuration. 3. Use famous white T-shirt laser printing machine ink, not only reduce the nozzle clogging, also can print better white, color fastness to stronger. Even if use knife also not afraid! This is the T-shirt printing, is worthy of your favor.
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