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T-shirt printer, arouse the enthusiasm of employees, and necessary - comfortable work clothes

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-30

Custom enterprises overalls has been a trend, not only it is the embodiment of the taste of a company, and it is & other Go out & throughout; A good way! Do good enterprise work clothes, also can arouse the enthusiasm of employees, and enhance staff's cohesive force. 1, we need custom t-shirts printed pattern matching color needs to be controlled within a certain range, the color does not need too rich, not only the custom costs are lower and with t-shirts, casual, simple, pure and fresh and natural. The size of the 2, design and composition. Design the location of the most concentrated in the center of the chest, the size will not exceed 15 square centimeters, and design the location of the seams of cannot span clothes. No matter how complex design content, should present simple outer contour, round or square, striking impression to the person. 3, design, printing and dyeing process. T-shirt laser laser marking machine, through computer mapping, and ironing cloth fabric pretreatment on the surface of the villi, use T-shirt printers print directly in the surface of fabric, printed after the first drying ink on the surface of the fabric, and press again to enhance the color fastness. Design printing effect is clear and stable, not easy to fall off, water resistance, high temperature resistant, the light fastness has reached 4 clothes. Level 2. So the ink color fastness to fully rest assured!
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