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T-shirt printer: black with cold in the north, custom fleece ah - quickly

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-02
All 2020 immediately, some friend incredibly still don't know what is the dress custom? ! Clothes customization is to give us ordinary pure color clothes customization exquisite design, ordinary T-shirt, Polo shirt, fleece clothing upgraded to own & other; High set garment & throughout; , and the price and our own to buy a T-shirt differ little, even cheaper, also don't have to worry about bump unlined upper garment! Are you very move? Echocardiography action, now the weather is so cold, hurriedly custom fleece! As the saying goes, not fleece qiu dong, no fleece qiu dong is not perfect! Traditional printing technology is the need to plate a film, not only need to plate making, if the effect is not satisfied with the version of pay a high fee, the personalization and small batch is not cost-effective. Digital jet printing different from the process, can satisfy the customization of small batch, a print, can satisfy the high-end t-shirts, fleece clothing printing custom demand! Digital jet printing machine does not need plate making, only you need to the size of the set up on the computer, digital jet printing machine can be used in direct customization exquisite pattern on the fabric. The operation is simple, completely broke the limitation of the traditional screen printing color, can print full color and gradient effect. Environmental protection printing process, even if long-term export Europe and the United States and other countries. Digital jet printing machine adopts imported textiles and high-quality environmental protection dye ink, white ink to ensure pigment molecules, mixed with cotton fiber completely under high temperature and high pressure resistance to water cut, quite ok.
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