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T-shirt printer: how the people gifts pick? Custom clothing is a good idea. . .

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-27
Gift is the most important & other Throughout the heart &; ! As long as you diligently design customized gifts design, choose suitable for the material of the other printed attentively, so both friends and family and corporate customers to be able to feel your sincerity, and more able to impress each other. Custom clothing is very practical, can wear not only, still can collect, all is valuable! So how to custom clothing? 1. We can choose dress design according to actual needs to choose a different style of shirt. It is best to choose cotton material, not only comfortable to wear, suitable for the general population, and the printing effect is better. 2. Print position chooses me custom clothing, are generally choose clothes before or after such customization design is both beautiful and easy operation. There are few customers need to custom design on the sleeves, characters and so on to reflect his own personality. How to customize can choose their own, so why not? 3. Custom print option need to print pictures, set the size of the picture in the PS. Then place the pretreatment before good fleece and print platform, start the printer can be customized. Custom life, broaden your horizons. Textile laser printing machine is very suitable for. New type of small loom only 65. 5 * 81 * 34. 5 cm, if their own strength, a person can move little machine! Super practical! Monochrome, color and gradient can be made easily, is the quality you want!
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