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T-shirt printer: propaganda affordable and effective - — Advertising t-shirts custom -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-26
Guanggu shan is a kind of special clothing with advertising means, is to do advertisement of ultra-high cost-effective choice, after all, guanggu shan can be mobile media for 24 hours, not too many rules. So our customized advertising t-shirts and what to pay attention to, advertising t-shirts do? 1. Bottom unlined upper garment to customize the bottom of garment unlined upper garment, including the selection of fabrics and style of choice. Summer appropriate chooses Polo shirts and t-shirts, wearing comfortable, and suitable for the application of a variety of circumstances. Qiu dong season, so choose to compare directly warm fleece or better, not only to keep warm and fashion. Give priority to with cotton fabric, fleece or, in the summer of t-shirts and Polo shirts can choose cotton, also can choose more light and quick-drying fabric. 2. Custom process if only custom single words, monochrome, the number of requirements is more, you can choose silk screen printing process; If you need embroidery logo, can choose embroidery machine! Yes, machine is not human! Now without artificial hard for half a month time went out a few high-quality goods, the machine can be done step! A point? If need to customize the small batch, the high-quality goods design and logo customization, can consider to digital jet printing. Than screen printing environmental protection not only, and than embroidery, practical, and have got a lot of young custom clothing choice. A print, using digital jet printing laser printing machine put their own logo printed on the fleece, whether it is monochrome logo of text, or graduation, special custom design, gradients, and so on is not out of the question. Not only do not need to plate a film, but pattern is clear and bright colors, machine wash wash all not afraid, can wear, wear, when pajamas party!
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