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T-shirt printer: see star detective, wear Bai Jingting with customized fleece - — '-' this is the price of the other

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-27
Weibo today there is a small dynamic, like to watch suspense detective's friends all hi! You also know! V of the 'star detective JiDing file! Fixed gear conference held today, ajit, Bai Jingting, xin wu, Yang Rong, weichen, Huang Minghao, Hou Minghao, Fan Chengcheng attendance. Conference, Bai Jingting fleece is steal the spotlight, on the simple black fleece printed & other; This is another price & throughout; Words, it's only bright powder budgeting can understand oh! Focus on the star detective know this variety has a lot of all sorts of scenes and all sorts of strange flower stem, humor is not only interesting, however, to make the people who haven't read it can laugh, and thought-provoking! ! ! ! Warm prompt, don't drink while watching! “ This is another price & throughout; The stem is from Bai Jingting oneself, derived from the second season finale 'star detective' party ( On) 。 Interested friends can find out the current issue of the program to watch oh ~ & other; Suddenly she hugged me for I don't know why, I just pushed away, I should say that this is the price of the other! ” Weeks, a well-known stars play themselves more fire terrier is not new. From wu queer myself & other; Large bowl width & throughout; Stems into songs to xiaoxiao Lin wear & other; Product such as wardrobe & throughout; Clothes, now Bai Jingting wear & other; This is another price & throughout; The fleece, can see now we acceptance for various terrier is higher and higher. Like a mapping of friend do you want to customize a Bai Jingting with money & other This is another price & throughout; With the fleece? Select textile laser printing machine, easily let you chase variety chase new heights! Let you walk in the street can easily reach one hundred percent to lead!
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