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T-shirt printer: today is put on custom 'anti epidemic love beans' T-shirt, to give you love bean who!

by:LEAD TECH      2020-05-31

Have you ever seen your love beans? Don't like make track for a star before, but this year crazy for the disease resistance of medical staff make the call! Is there any way to easily medical researchers who we cute? Why don't you custom & other; Resistance to disease love bean & throughout; T-shirt, we can by way of public auction, will raise the cost of subsidies to our staff, with actions of who we are & other Resistance to disease love bean & throughout; Every fans hope their fans T-shirt will save the longer, the better, after many years, can take out to see, think of his time on that period of ignorance and fear. Textile laser marking machine can meet your high quality custom demand, can choose to print a variety of color at the bottom of the shirt, cotton T-shirt is comfortable and attractive, we can customize in the above disease resistant slogan, or significant resistance to disease images, select the relevant elements of the will of your own hearts printed on t-shirts. Textile printer, through computer drawing, will and ironing cloth fabric pretreatment on the surface of the villi, use T-shirt printers print directly in the surface of fabric, printed after the first drying ink on the surface of the fabric, and press again to enhance the color fastness. T-shirt laser laser marking machine to print dress washable, high temperature resistant, the light fastness has reached 4 clothes. Level 2. So the ink color fastness to fully rest assured!
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