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T-shirt printer: winter my body, my style! DIY fashion change - heart by

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-27
Worry about bump unlined upper garment? ! Same price or the same clothes! In autumn, winter is not far away! Are you ready? This winter to be a fashion boy/girl! What made a lot of people ask qiu dong garment printing design with more character, might as well take a look at below. First of all to choose suitable clothes. T-shirts in addition to antifreeze star people, others will have to pay attention to the temperature. What clothes that we choose to do the custom? Fleece is very suitable for, the clothes will not only has good warmth retention property, and it is important to recreational feeling high. In addition, fleece don't pick season, can be a cotton material, also can be cotton or other fabric, cloth can be added, can also is thin, choice a lot, a lot of surprise. And fleece don't pick the figure, what more people to wear very nice shape. And then select the pattern. Many big-name fleece are some logo logo, such as NIKE, or some signed a series of customized clothing. If you also want a same model, can find their own good design, use textile printer custom design. Save money and affordable! The last is the fleece customization. Pretreatment need to print fleece, evenly spraying pretreatment solution, and then use the press for 30 seconds. Put the fleece on digital jet printing T-shirt on the printer, and then start the printer for printing. After printing, use ironing press pressure, rapid evaporation ink excess water. In the case of digital jet printing machine, textile laser printing machine is suitable for entrepreneurship and use a small studio, t-shirts, fleece and other custom. Digital jet printing machine for personalized custom T-shirt is better, no color type many restrictions, no plate-making, tinted, registration. Textile is not only environmentally friendly water-based ink, and can achieve grade photo printer effect, can print color gradients and complex patterns. The printing effect is clear, than silk screen printing and thermal transfer printing process customization is more exquisite patterns. Textile printing a seal, which is play and play, can be batch customization, is a good choice of custom clothing personality.
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