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Take you to reveal the secrets of Moutai three-line coding

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-31

He has been deeply involved in the coding industry for many years and has a wealth of industry experience. Today, let’s take a look at the secrets of the three-line coding of Moutai.

We often see three lines of coding on the front of the bottle cap of Moutai, which are composed of three lines of numbers. The first line indicates the date of manufacture, the second line indicates the batch of manufacture, and the third line of data indicates the factory. The serial number of the batch count does not match. Check the three lines of data. Among them, the factory serial number is 5 digits, the three rows of data are unique, and the true and false one is known. If two bottles of wine with the same three rows of data are presented, one of them must be a fake wine; the factory serial number It is a 4-digit number. If the three rows of data for a box of twelve bottles of wine are all the same, it is a normal situation. This is one of the company's methods to avoid fouling.

Assuming careful comparison, you will find that the batch and date of the popular flying Maotai is one year. In some vintages, the delivery dates and batches are different from those of some special sauce bottles for Moutai, and the batches are mainly one year or even three years in the morning. This is because it has something to do with the brewing process of Moutai. After being blended and distributed, Moutai is stored for another year to make the wine more mellow, soft and soft, before being bottled and shipped. So the second batch is the date of birth of this bottle of wine in the true sense, the first action bottling date. When selecting Moutai for the New Year's Eve, under the same conditions as the delivery date, try to select the early batch as much as possible, and the quality of the wine will be older.

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