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Take you to understand what the role of the laser marking machine is

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-19

Laser marking machine is a kind of marking on the surface of various materials by laser beam. Laser marking machine is widely used in many fields such as electronic devices, hardware products and auto parts. What is the function of the marking machine?

The role of laser marking machine:

Two-dimensional text, arc typesetting, optional angle in two directions and optional Set the interval filling (two-way filling is required for marking on the mobile phone keyboard), similar to the scanning function of the engraving machine. Under normal operation speed, filling and summarization need to be accurately coordinated, and a certain compensation function is provided when the speed is fast.

Dot, click once on the screen to turn into a microwell, and then array. The continuation time of each point can be set when hitting.

Provide the function of automatic number jumping according to the set initial value and step value. Sometimes it is necessary to mark people's names or other texts, and automatically output the text content one by one through the externally imported txt file that has been sorted.

Array, copy, target accurate move, rotate, align and other functions.

Can receive bitmap and plt, dxf and other format files.

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