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Take you under the analysis of high-resolution jet. the differs between lattice spurt the code machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-20
Take you under the analysis of high-resolution spurt the code machine and lattice spurt the code machine where the difference is between source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2019 - 1 - 14 browsing: 0

often have users to ask questions like: what differs between different spurt the code machine? Why choose this kind of printing equipment, rather than what kind of printing machine equipment? Answer these question is very simple actually, different users demand decided to spurt the code machine. Tong yi will bring you high resolution in this sharing cij printer and what are the differences between lattice jet. the? Details as follows:

to spurt the code machine print speed and print is the quality of the user to select one of the factors to consider before buying, lattice spurt the code machine, CIJ technology) With the high resolution laser marking machine ( DOD technology) A process directly from computer processing, does not require the use of technology press, but the principle of work is all not the same. And this is why some users choose lattice spurt the code machine and some users choose one of the reasons for the high resolution jet. the, demand different choice also will change.

1, the lattice spurt the code machine is also called small characters spurt the code machine, continuous jet cij printer, referred to as 'CIJ type. Mainly through continuous system will ink printing by gushing out from a single nozzle pressure, after the crystal oscillation fracturing formation ink, the ink after charging, high-pressure deflection and movement of the object surface scanned into words. Commonly used in imaging requirements is low, and the need of high speed machining is used in the packaging market. Used on industrial CIJ system speed can reach 1000 feet per minute, much faster than the DOD, but on the image quality is much lower than the DOD technology. This is the different user requirements, CIJ operation for a large number of direct mail order, food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, cosmetic packaging and printing products for the label tag is a good choice, the same about the lottery tag and coding.

2, high resolution spurt the code machine and on-demand ink type laser marking machine, hereinafter referred to as the DOD type. Is mainly composed of several high precision valve, when spray word word corresponding to the valve opening and closing speed, ink depend on the internal pressure, constant in the sports surface characters or graphics. A digital signal is produced by a drop of ink on paper rather than a flow of ink. The DOD site collection form of nozzle were able to more accurate, and the traditional offset printing has a certain similarity. For some high requirement on quality, choose more appropriate when DOD, it has four color printing precision, could produce close to photographic quality, the effect of printing speed can reach 100 ~ 300 feet per minute. Mainly used in wide icon color printing printing and packaging, shopping shop sign, fabric, large-format marking, etc.

3, high resolution printing machine has a wider range of character height: 1. 0mm~70mm。 Can spray print any font bitmap fonts and set up on the computer, the speed of the jet printing won't be affected by the type of lattice, generally can reach 120 m/min. Equipment at run time is generally in accordance with the demand for spray ink, and the ink is not recycled, the concentration of the ink is always able to maintain consistent, the cij printer don't need to use add thinner, on the running cost is lower than CIJ type. High-resolution spurt the code machine ink system has good tightness, effectively avoid the ink pollution problem, the whole machine control system is simple, reliable, operation is more simple and easy to maintain. Its extensibility is strong, with high resolution jet. the special control software, through the Windows editor spurt the code machine, spray printing content and control operation of visual function to ensure that the user operation and use of printing machine is more interesting.

all in all, high resolution spurt the code machine relative to the lattice jet. the still has a lot of advantage, the current implementation also has a lot of users to use high resolution spurt the cij printer, but also does not mean that lattice spurt the cij printer is bad, lattice spurt the code machine also has its unique advantages, different user requirements on the choice is not the same. If you don't know should choose what kind of laser marking machine, then you can consult our customer service, we will according to the specific needs of you recommend the suitable equipment to you.
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