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Talking about how to ensure the stable operation of the small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-09
Coding equipment is the key equipment for corporate product identification, and small-character coding machines are the most widely used coding equipment. How to ensure the stable operation of the small character cij printer is an important condition for enterprises to ensure smooth production. Let's talk about how to ensure the stable operation of the small character cij printer: 1. Understand the instructions. The most intuitive and effective way to understand the small character inkjet printer is to understand the manual, which explains in detail the main components, operation, maintenance, and precautions. 2. Learn and master the operation method proficiently. When the equipment is delivered to the enterprise, the engineers of the inkjet printer manufacturer will train the relevant operators. The operators must study well and master the operation, which is very important for future operation and maintenance. 3. Power on. Start-up is the first step. When starting up, check whether the machine displays fault prompts and alarm prompts. 4. Nozzle inspection. Check whether the ink and thinner liquid level of the printer is normal, clean the surface of the nozzle, and make sure that the nozzle is not blocked. 5. Check the ink line position. The failure of small character cij printers is mostly caused by the pipeline. Check whether the pipeline system is normal, and check to ensure that the ink line is in the correct and standard position before it can start working. 6. Maintenance. The coding equipment must operate stably, and maintenance cannot be ignored. In addition to daily maintenance, regular review and maintenance are also required to keep the equipment in good working condition at all times. 7. Ground wire. The ink dots of small character cij printers undergo different deviations under high-voltage electric fields and are sensitive to static electricity. Therefore, they must be connected to prevent interference and ground. 8. Take care of the coding equipment. The machine is a production tool as well as a partner. To take good care of the equipment, frequent maintenance and inspection, the coding equipment should have a good working environment, which is also very important for the stable operation of the small-character cij printer. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to call the service hotline: 020-62206051, and there will be someone to answer you.
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