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Talking about: the application of QR code inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-10
A two-dimensional code is used to record data symbol information in black and white graphics distributed on a plane (in a two-dimensional direction) with a certain geometric figure according to a certain rule. At the same time, as a symbol of special identification information, it has It is very widely used and has become a necessity for businesses to transmit information in production and sales links. As the applications of mobile phones and tablet computers become more and more mature, the functions of mobile phones to accurately scan and read QR codes have become more and more perfect. At present, many merchants in the market print two-dimensional codes on product packaging as the carrier of information media for product sales, quality traceability, and anti-sweeping management. As the application technology of QR code cij printers becomes more and more mature, more and more manufacturers use cij printers to directly print QR codes on product packaging. The cij printer can print two-dimensional codes online, which is suitable for high-speed production assembly line work, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. At the same time, it can also avoid errors caused by human error, reduce production costs, and even ensure that each product has a two-dimensional code Uniqueness makes the QR code truly an 'identity card' for product identification, and realizes the traceability of individual products and the management of anti-sweeping goods. Enterprises use two-dimensional codes for regional classification in the circulation process of their products, and develop two-dimensional codes for different sales and publicity activities for different regional sales shares. At the same time, consumers can use mobile phones, tablet computers, etc. to scan and read QR codes to participate in business promotion activities, which provides businesses with a good brand building opportunity. The printer can be connected to the database, and can print one-dimensional codes (various types), two-dimensional codes, variable two-dimensional codes, garbled or anti-counterfeit codes and anti-counterfeit barcodes, and can edit the number of printing lines and choose arbitrarily The font height, open communication protocol, simple operation interface, convenient and easy to use, handy. For more information about QR code cij printer manufacturers, QR code anti-counterfeiting cij printers, and cij printer manufacturers, please visit our official website:
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