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Talking about the application of small character laser inkjet printer in packaging industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-02

At present, the application of small-character cij printers has been very extensive. In packaging, small-character cij printers can play their unique functions. In order to meet the needs of the development of the food FMCG industry, packaging companies should start from the following aspects:

First, safety. The concept of safety is not only for the safety of packaging itself, but also for technical safety, environmental safety and other aspects. As consumers pay more attention to safety and with the improvement of inspection methods, the society's concept of food safety is also expanding. The packaging industry needs to attach great importance to technology research and development, and constantly develop and improve new products that are conducive to ensuring food safety. , new technology, new process.

Second, economy. To use advanced technology to further improve the competitiveness of packaging forms. Now the packaging industry has entered the era of packaging diversification. Metal packaging, glass packaging, flexible packaging, and plastic packaging have developed rapidly in recent years, and technology has also improved. In order to show their own characteristics, various packaging materials need to further adapt to the need to reduce the cost of end products in terms of cost growth. For example, in the selection of new materials and material reduction, there is still a large room for cost reduction.

Third, convenience. The so-called convenience is not only the convenience on the product packaging, but also the convenience on the supermarket display. In recent years, metal packaging has done a lot of work in this regard, such as the development and application of packaging forms such as easy-tear lids and magic cans. It should be said that convenience is the general trend of the development of the product packaging industry in the future.

Fourth, traceability. The information printed by the cij printer on the metal packaging includes production date, production shift, shelf life, etc., which greatly improves the management of products in the process of production and transportation. Therefore, it will be inevitable to improve the traceability information industry on metal packaging.

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