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Talking about: the cause of the failure of the recovery pipe of the inkjet printer and the treatment method

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-30
The reasons for the failure of the recovery pipe of the cij printer and the treatment method 1. The negative pressure (recovery force) of the recovery pipe is insufficient or too small. Possible reasons: a. There is a leak in the recovery pipeline. b. The recovery pipeline is blocked. c. The recovery pump is blocked or damaged. Inspection and treatment method: Remove the recovery filter and rinse with cleaning agent. See if it can flow out of the recovery pipe. If there is no flow, the pipeline is blocked. It can be flushed from the side of the recovery pipe. If it can flow out, install the recovery filter. Check all the joints of the recovery pipeline for leaks. If there is no air leak, the pump may be blocked or damaged. It is recommended to contact the printer engineer for repair. 2. What is the cause of the failure of the cij printer recovery pipe? The root cause is that the recovery sensor cannot detect whether there is ink in the recovery tube. The specific reasons may be: a. The ink line position is wrong, and the ink line is not shot into the recovery tube; b. The ink line position is not aligned; c. The nozzle is blocked. (The ink line is not perpendicular to the nozzle plane, and the angle is large) It means that the nozzle is blocked, you can contact the printer engineer to help you solve it.
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