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Talking about the development trend of small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-12
The small character inkjet printer can print on various specifications of carton packaging or the food industry, indicating the shelf life, production date, batch number, two-dimensional code, barcode, and online self-editing information, giving the manufacturer name or promotional information , In people’s lives, inkjet printers are becoming more and more widespread. Among them, the small character inkjet printer has obvious advantages and has a more extensive influence. Therefore, it is widely used in the food industry, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and wire and cable industry. Its function can not only print out the date of production clearly, but also track the code to prevent counterfeiting, etc. Therefore, the market potential is increasing. 1. The advantages of small-character cij printers Packaging and printing companies such as food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, wires and cables, and cosmetics need to print numbers, bar codes, patterns or text on products or outer packaging cartons frequently or at a high speed. Practice has proved that the application of small-character cij printers can greatly improve production efficiency and the clarity of printed text, thereby improving product quality, enabling enterprises to win a broader product market and better economic benefits. Before the non-contact continuous cij printer was invented, screen printers, pad printers and even more primitive mechanical roller punches were often used to complete printing. The result of this is poor text clarity, time-consuming and labor-intensive, low production efficiency, and the quality of the product is lost due to low printing quality, and more and more customers and consumers are lost, causing the production enterprise to suffer losses. Therefore, advanced equipment is urgently needed to replace them. 2. The development trend of small-character inkjet printers. Generally, for products, clear and accurate marking is a standard way to recognize the brand, and it is also a sign of confidence in long-term safe use. For manufacturers, the use of inkjet technology can improve the brand. Market image and unified logo management, establish a good identification image and beautify the appearance of products. The cij printer is a device that is controlled by software and uses a non-contact method to mark the product. The small character cij printer is fully adapted to the needs of the market. Inkjet is a professional technology enterprise dedicated to the Ru0026D, production and sales of inkjet equipment. With more than ten years of inkjet experience, it can meet all the needs of customers for industrial coding. At the same time, it is committed to easy operation and special customers. Request, provide a full range of labeling solutions. Its solution is economical and practical, low cost of use, simple maintenance, excellent performance and reliable operation.
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