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Talking about the factors affecting the price of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-26

Laser Marking Machine (Laser Marking Machine) uses different lasers to strike the laser beam on the surface of various materials, and the surface material is generated by light energy Marking equipment that undergoes physical or chemical changes to engrave permanent marks such as patterns, trademarks, and words. Factors affecting the price of laser marking machines include: brand craftsmanship, configuration parameters, model type, power size and after-sales service.

1. Brand craftsmanship affects price

Brand represents quality and service. These values u200bu200bdetermine the price of the product. Laser In terms of marking machine products, domestic brands are cheaper than imported brands, which involve technical craftsmanship, cost and import tariffs, etc. Due to the difference in domestic and foreign production processes and technical levels, the price gap between laser marking machine manufacturers has also been caused. .

2. Configuration parameters affect the price

The higher the configuration, the better the performance. The configuration level determines the price difference. The laser marking machine with high configuration has good marking effect, wider application range, longer service life and more convenient operation. The configuration of the laser marking machine is mainly determined by the laser, laser galvanometer and laser marking software.

3. Model type affects price

Laser The types of marking machines are mainly divided into fiber laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, ultraviolet laser marking machines, etc. These marking machines are divided into static and flying types; generally speaking, ultraviolet laser marking machines The price is more expensive, and the flight price is higher than static. When choosing a laser marking machine, you need to consider the material, material, type, marking content, marking effect of the product, and whether it needs to meet the production method of the assembly line. Choose a suitable marking machine through these points of analysis.

4. The power size affects the price

The power and performance of laser marking machines are different. Fiber laser marking The power of the marking machine is divided into 20W/30W/50W, the power of the CO2 laser marking machine is divided into 30W/60W/100W, and the power of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is divided into 3W/5W/10W. The greater the power, the higher the price.

5. After-sales service affects the price

Inexpensive laser marking machines basically do not include warranty services. This type of laser Marking machine configuration and technology are very poor, or second-hand equipment, there may be many problems and failures, and there will definitely be more maintenance times in the later period. Therefore, the shipper considers the maintenance cost and does not guarantee the after-sales problem.

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