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Talking about the function positioning of hand-held inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-12
If you are buying a handheld inkjet printer, which aspects will you pay attention to? What is the functional positioning of the handheld cij printer? You may not understand these. Inkjet Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional dedicated to inkjet printing. Professional technology companies that develop, produce, and sell equipment, look at how they can answer this question.  Function positioning of the handheld inkjet printer  One, printing method. The handheld is more suitable for printing on paper, cartons, wooden boards, floors, pipes, and other large and flat surfaces. During the printing process, it must be very close to the product, within about 5mm. It needs to touch the surface of the product and make the synchronous wheel rotate to realize the coding. Compared with the small characters, the online coding is very different. .   2. Ink prices. The handheld machine does not require solvents and cleaning agents. Compared with the small print machine, it has great savings, but its ink cartridge has a smaller capacity. Compared with ordinary ink, the price is many times more expensive and the purchase cost is relatively high.   Three, ink type. Handheld inks are not easy to dry. Even quick-drying inks can take several seconds or even ten seconds to dry completely, which will be affected by many factors such as product material (permeability), weather and humidity.  Characteristics of handheld cij printers ①Integrated information input, processing and control system composed of touch screen and high-performance embedded ARM chipset as the core. At the same time, the inkjet printing technology of Cambridge, England is introduced, and the encoder is used to form a stable printing system; ②The information printing and marking function can be easily completed by using the bearing V-wheel in front of the nozzle to move gently on the surface of the product; ③Super light and compact , The touch screen input can be completely separated from the computer, independent lithium battery power supply, safer and more convenient to use, not affected by power supply, site, allowing you to identify everywhere; ④200dpi inkjet printing clarity, the information printed, clear, Regularity greatly improves the appearance of the product; ⑤Scientific appearance structure design, not only beautiful, safe, high protection level and ergonomic design characteristics, long-term use will not fatigue. The above is the inkjet printer equipment. What are the main points of the small-character inkjet printer used in frozen food coding schemes for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, please go to the laser inkjet printer official website: http:// /Leave a message to tell the editor!
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