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Talking about the nozzle maintenance skills of the inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-07

Under normal circumstances, customers are more concerned about the use of inkjet printers, or use skills, but few people pay attention to the maintenance methods of cij printers. Therefore, due to the negligence of maintenance, many inkjet printers are aging too fast, shortening their service life. In fact, machines and humans are the same, especially sophisticated electronic equipment, which requires a combination of work and rest

to work better and serve us better.

Anyone who has used inkjet printers knows that many of the failures of inkjet printers come from the nozzles, so cij printers Most of the maintenance refers to the maintenance of the nozzle. The print head is one of the important parts of the cij printer, and of course it is also one of the delicate parts. The focus of the use of the print head lies in its care and maintenance. Whether the maintenance and maintenance are in place directly determines the coding effect

and the service life of the print head, how can the equipment be equipped with Come to greater profits? This is a question that both users and printer manufacturers are considering. Obviously, extending the use of sprinklers

is one of the important means to reduce costs. Through long-term practice and multi-party inspections, the editor summarizes the following techniques for everyone:

1. Purify the working environment of the printer as much as possible

Regardless How high is the sealing of the equipment? If the working environment is too dusty, the dust will easily enter the main ink cartridge, then enter the secondary ink cartridge, and then further enter the nozzle.

Above, the printing effect of the nozzle is affected, and the service life of the nozzle will be seriously affected.

2. Ensure a safe distance between the nozzle and foreign objects.

The nozzle should not be in contact with any objects. The fine hairs on the surface of the object are easy to stick to the nozzle surface, causing blockage or dripping. , Thereby affecting the coding effect. Therefore, please strictly follow the operation equipment requirements.

3. Accessories cannot be disassembled at will  

For non-professional personnel, please do not disassemble the auxiliary parts of the printer, such as main ink cartridge, auxiliary ink cartridge, filter, etc.

4. Choose high-quality ink

The quality of the ink directly affects the printing effect. It is best to use tested inks recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

5. Pay attention to maintenance during shutdown.

Before the printer is powered off, remember to clean the print head and place the print head on the print head cover to extend the use of the print head. The role of life.

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