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Talking about the various factors of the breakpoint of the energy-saving lamp inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-11
If the energy-saving lamp inkjet printer wants to print neat and stable fonts, it must have a good breakpoint to ensure the normal charging. Therefore, the quality of the breakpoint is an important part of coding. The following are the various factors that will affect the breakpoint: 1. Ink consistency The viscosity of the ink will affect the quality of the breakpoint. When the ink consistency is high, the breakpoint is usually higher, indicating that the disconnection is too early and needs to be timely To dilute the ink, you can directly add an appropriate amount of solvent to the ink. Or it can be solved by increasing the system pressure (temporary method, long-term use is not recommended). 2. Ink pump pressure When the pressure supplied to the nozzle of the energy-saving lamp cij printer changes, the breakpoint also changes. Generally, the greater the pressure, the lower the breakpoint, and the lower the pressure, the higher the breakpoint. The short-point problems usually caused by pressure include abnormal pump speed and pressure relief when checking consistency, resulting in reduced pressure. The pressure of the ink return pipe in the spray chamber is relieved because the solenoid valve cannot be closed, resulting in insufficient pressure in the spray chamber. 3. The crystal oscillator voltage or frequency can only work because of this. If there is a crystal oscillator, energy-saving lamp inkjet printer filter, the operation of the crystal oscillator is affected by the accepted voltage and frequency, and energy-saving lamp cij printers usually have adjustable Items are for users to adjust. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to change after the adjustment is complete. When the above items appear, they seem to need to be adjusted. Normally, no changes are required. 4. The length of the crystal rod and the tightness of it It needs to be polished when it almost touches the nozzle plane, and the distance should be more than 1mm. Otherwise, the ink line will not come out, or the breakpoint will be abnormal. When all the parameters, pressure, consistency, etc. are normal, a good breakpoint cannot be adjusted. This reason can be considered. The screw of the upper crystal rod can be slightly loosened. Character energy-saving lamp inkjet printer, observe the change of the breakpoint. Usually the breakpoint changes with the distance from the crystal rod to the nozzle. 5. The size and shape of the nozzle hole. When the nozzle is replaced or the nozzle is blocked, the endpoint will be abnormal, which can be solved by adjusting or changing the sine wave voltage.
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