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Talking about: What is a printer filter?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-08
Why does the inkjet printer need to replace the filter during use? Let's briefly understand what is the filter of the printer? The inkjet filter is an indispensable device on the ink pipeline of the inkjet printer. It is usually installed in front of the pump and at the inlet of the nozzle to eliminate impurities in the machine to protect the normal use of the nozzle and equipment. The printer filter is a filter element connected to the pipeline, which mainly functions to filter impurities in the ink during work. The nozzle of the inkjet printer is very thin, and very small impurities may cause the nozzle to be clogged, so the filter is required to have a high precision. filters vary according to the equipment model and brand, and the types of cij printer filters are also different. A series filters include main filters, buffer filters, recovery filters, solvent filters, and single-head filters. The filter plays a very important role in the ink supply system of the printer. Therefore, its maintenance or timely replacement is particularly important. We understand in detail the specific reasons why the filter must be replaced regularly. Since the inkjet printer is in operation, air will naturally enter when the ink is recycled, and there must be dust in the air. When the dust enters the ink recycling system, particles will be generated, which will be recycled as the machine runs The dust particles will naturally increase and eventually cause the filter to be clogged. The clogging of the filter will cause the ink circuit system to malfunction and cause the machine pressure to be unstable and cause the machine to fail to operate normally. The inkjet printer filter is not a single-layer net but a multi-layer high-density special filter for the inkjet printer. Once it is seriously clogged, it cannot be cleaned, so it needs to be replaced regularly. Replacing the inkjet printer filter is a relatively professional operation, and the user needs to replace it and contact the inkjet printer manufacturer in time, so that the professional repairing inkjet printer can replace the new inkjet printer filter for you.
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