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Tea inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-16
Tea appears most frequently in our daily lives. And tea is closely related to our safety and health. Everyone knows that tea is the best product for gifts. How can we ensure the safety of tea? The tea packaging is marked with an cij printer, and the content of the inkjet printer can be changed at will, such as: production date, shelf life, expiration date, factory name, trademark, etc. If there is no production date, expiration date, manufacturer name and other relevant information on the tea packaging, it is equivalent to 'three no products'. Who would dare to ask for this product? This not only harms the interests of consumers, but also harms the safety and health of consumers. For people's safety and health, tea manufacturers use cij printers to print labels on the tea packaging, so that consumers can see the manufacturer's information at a glance. Print marks on the tea packaging, such as production date, expiration date, factory name, etc. These marks not only prevent counterfeiting and counterfeiting, but also guarantee people's interests. The logo printed by the printer is permanent and not easy to be rubbed off. Therefore, tea cij printers are deeply loved by consumers.
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