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Teach you customize the clothes - T-shirt printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-29
Digital T-shirt is very popular in the custom t-shirts. Would you like or your own design pattern is printed on t-shirts, not only unique, what is more important than the garment on market, custom t-shirts can fully fit our own aesthetic. Customize the style, fabric, bottom unlined upper garment of a T-shirt color, printing design can be chosen by ourselves, the same price, why don't we go to choose such a custom T-shirt? In 2019 to launch a new hot style T-shirt laser printing machine, print color not only with the original consistent, and print pictures feel is gentle, without oily feeling, permeability is very good. Print two pieces of white T-shirt only 1 minute 30 seconds to complete! This T-shirt laser printing machine is designed on the experienced technical, through accurate calibration, model has high precision printing effect hot style! Use epson XP2000 nozzle, print faster is better. Still worrying about using inferior white ink nozzle blockage, often can't print effect? T-shirt printers use imported high quality white ink of environmental protection, has better printing effect, can better protect the nozzle.
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