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Technical differences between domestic and foreign imported fiber lasers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-24

When purchasing a fiber laser marking machine, we need to carefully screen its core components, fiber lasers. What are the differences in technical parameters and performance between domestic and foreign fiber lasers?

First of all, what are the key parameters of fiber lasers? Output power and beam quality are important reference indicators for fiber lasers in industrial applications. The key parameters of fiber lasers are evaluated based on industrial application effects.

Output power: the core index of the CW laser, which directly determines the application effect; the higher the output power, the stronger the corresponding processing ability;

Pulse energy: It is the core index of pulsed lasers (marking, cleaning and other applications), the higher the pulse energy, the better the practical effect;

BPP: the The smaller the value, the better the corresponding beam quality, the higher the brightness, the stronger the processing ability;

Pulse width: the narrower the pulse width, the higher the corresponding peak power, a certain limit The inner effect is better.

Comparison of domestic and foreign imported fiber laser technology

In terms of continuous fiber lasers, foreign single-mode fiber lasers are industrial grade It can reach the order of 20kW; industrial products of multimode fiber lasers can basically reach 500kW.

In terms of low and medium power fiber lasers, there is basically no gap between domestic and foreign technical levels. Domestic single-mode fiber lasers can reach research grades above 10 kW, and industrial grades can reach 10 kW. 4-5 kW; multimode fiber lasers also reach 35 kW. However, in the field of high-power fiber lasers, the technical level and stability of the products are still a certain distance from those imported from abroad, and it is necessary to learn from abroad.

As for the nanosecond pulsed fiber lasers, from the perspective of the development of several companies at home and abroad, the difference is not too obvious. The pulsed fiber laser of IPG in the United States can reach more than 5000 W, and the pulse energy is 100 mJ; while in my country, it is basically more than 1000 W, and the pulse energy is 30-50 mJ, and the gap is gradually narrowing.

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