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Technical parameters of high resolution inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-05
The high resolution inkjet printer is another DOD small character inkjet printer which is different from the single nozzle CIJ dot matrix inkjet printer; it is called the high resolution inkjet printer because its printing resolution exceeds 200DPI. This type of machine was first developed by XAAR in the field of inkjet and printing for industrial inkjet coding. Later, HP also transplanted their inkjet printing technology to industrial coding applications. Now let's talk about the technical parameters of the high-resolution inkjet printer. Printing content: automatic printing of date, time, batch number, shift, serial number and name, etc. The ink of the characters can be lighter, normal or blacked. Special graphics: all kinds of trademark graphics, Chinese fonts, letters, etc. can be printed. Numbers, patterns and special symbols and other content capacity: 50 pieces of information storage, each piece of information up to 1600 characters, can increase the printing speed according to your needs: the printing speed can reach up to 38 meters per minute, and the printing speed The operation interface will not be changed due to the increase of the number of lines: humanized Chinese operation interface, icon function keys, built-in Chinese character library, Chinese menu, easy to operate, inkjet material: can be printed on metal, plastic, wood, aluminum and platinum , Carton and building materials and other surface ink consumables: use quick-drying environmentally friendly ink or oil-based ink, solvent-free, non-polluting, no external air source and built-in air pump Communication interface: It can be directly connected to a computer through a serial port or USB interface, and it is very convenient to pass through the computer Transmit Chinese, trademark patterns, and change the printing fonts in the cij printer font library according to your special requirements. Above are the main points that the inkjet printer manufacturer will tell you in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, you can go to the cij printer. Official website http:/// leave a message to tell the editor
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