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Technical parameters of SMARTJET (HP thermal foaming) inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-09
SMARTJET is a third-generation high-resolution series cij printer based on HP-TIJ technology. It adopts the latest LGCS control technology. It is easy for users to send commands through the port to control the cij printer and print the desired content. SMARTJET is fully compatible with TrueType fonts, what you see is what you get, and can edit and print multiple languages. There are no restrictions on font, font size, size, and line number. It completely breaks the shackles of traditional inkjet printers. Design features Humanized operation interface can print various variable data. Optional EISS ink supply system to achieve the lowest printing cost. Synchronous cascade technology. Up to 12 cij printers work together. Anti-jitter design, leak-proof printing and repeated printing system integration, Simple installation and maintenance can be connected to the alarm light. Ink medium No. 1 ink has good color fastness and water release performance. It is used for white cardboard, coated paper, uncoated media, etc. Permeable and semi-permeable materials. No. 9 ink is used for printing most parts. Plastic, metal, film, PVC, coating and other non-absorbent materials, No. 17 ink is 4 times ultra-black, ultra-saving, and low-dispersion ink, especially suitable for low-resolution absorbent materials such as writing paper, wood, building materials, cartons, etc. Print barcode text product parametersPrint accuracy/print speed 30m/min@600x600DPI60 m/min@600x300DPI120 m/min@300x150DPI real-time data text, counter, time and date, barcode, picture, databaseBarcode type EAN8 EAN13 EAN128 CODE25 CODE39 CODE128 CODE128A CODE128B CODE128C Codebar2windth UPC12 PIATS PDF417 PIATSDRUG QRCODE DATAMATRIX display 10.1-inch color touch screen Multi-language support font size/print template TrueType/LGPV1.0 print height SMARTJET-1 12.7mm SMARTJET-11 2*12.7mm SMARTJET-111 3*12.7mm SMARTJET-1111 4* 12.7mmSMARTJET-2 25.4mmSMARTJET-22 2*25.4mmSMARTJET-4 50*25.4mm data interface WIFI/USB/RS232/PLC/cascade maintenance system maintenance-free printing unit electrical requirements 110-220VAC 50/60Hz temperature humidity temperature 5℃~ 35℃ Humidity 10%~90%
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