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Technical parameters of XINGCHUANG S60 inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29
Advanced software: 1. Efficient, high-speed, fully automatic, and highly intelligent. 2. Adopt modular design and low power circuit system. 3. The hardware circuit is highly integrated. The structure is reasonable and the anti-interference ability is strong. 4. The printing content can be modified during printing without stopping the production line. 5. The software can be modified to meet different production needs. 6. Adopt the world's advanced ball viscometer and use multiple methods such as ink flow speed, pump pressure, and ink dot flying speed to control ink viscosity and automatically detect and adjust. High-quality hardware: 1. The full-color touch screen is provided by Hitachi. 2. Purchase the world's most advanced and latest AMR chip (32 bits) for electronic components. 3. The power supply is supplied by the supporting factory of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry. 4. The built-in pump is imported and original. Humanized design: 1. Automatic and set one-key cleaning of pipes and nozzles, fault self-diagnosis and maintenance. 2. Full-color touch screen, Chinese and English menu conversion, with its own graphic editing function. 3. Fully intelligent automatic control. One key switch machine. 4. With fault detection and alarm function, no ink reminding display function. 5. Pinyin and location input methods are as convenient as compiling short messages. 6. It can store 40 pieces of printing information and adjust it as needed. Printing parameters: 1. It has the functions of photoelectric, encoder fixed distance, online induction printing n times at a time. 2. Number of printing lines: 1-4 lines of characters. 3. Meter counting function: can count and print in any unit. 4. Printing speed: 1024 characters/sec (5x7 dot matrix) 5. Printing dot matrix: super large 32 dot matrix. Chinese characters, numbers and letters gallop freely. random combination. 6. Alphanumeric: Single row, multiple rows in 32 dot matrix, any combination of mixed, arbitrary counting. 7. Editing function: arbitrary mixed editing within 32 dot matrix, and the overall interval is thickened. 8. Ink consumption: 500ML ink can print 30 million characters. 9. Power requirements: AC220V±20% 50HZ 150W 10. Nozzle duct: 2.0m, can be customized. 11. Weight of the whole machine: 48Kg
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