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Technical parameters of XINGCHUANG series S910+ inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-08
Performance characteristics Nozzle type: round head or square head, standard printable number of lines: 1~4 lines character height range: up to 26 points Maximum speed (single line): 1600 characters/s Maximum number of characters printed per second (7×5 dots) ): 2400 maximum data length (calculated in 7-point English characters): 1200 printable graphics/patterns, a variety of data types can be printed, general features, single button start and shutdown, automatic cleaning of nozzles and piping system menu-driven data production With editing English and Chinese operation interface, full standard keyboard, cij printer status indicator, WYSIWYG data display, comprehensive self-diagnosis function, wide-screen display, password protection function, adjustable contrast, high-brightness backlit LCD display, meter function, error prevention Adding ink/diluent adding system comes with pattern editor printing function fixed and variable text, uppercase and lowercase characters, batch number and counting function, characters are bolded up to 9 times the serial number function, with hexadecimal counting function, printing height , Width and delay adjustable, reversal function, automatic shift, date and time format, timing data function, flexible date and time format options, automatic date calculation function, pinyin, location and phonetic input method, real clock function, can print to the second data And patterned computer production software, round head, square head, standard nozzle, 50u, 60u, 70u nozzle, 3m duct, optional positive pressure air component, 4m duct, optional oblique nozzle cover/magnetic effect protection nozzle cover Technical specifications IP55 Graphic editing Chinese pinyin input: Chinese has a variety of input methods, up to 12,000 Chinese characters. Number of printable lines: 1~3 lines Maximum data storage capacity: 100 standard print heads Print range: 2.0mm to 20mm longest Data length: 1200 (7×5 characters) Highest printing characters (7 points): 2400/sec. Single line standard (5×5 points): 300 meters/minute Double line standard (16 points): 100 meters/minute three Line standard (24 o'clock): 30m/min
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