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Tell you how to choose a suitable laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-22
How to choose a good laser marking machine? First to determine what kind of material do you want to play product, the product of what are you going to give material marking, it can determine to buy that a laser marking machine, laser marking machine for each material corresponding is also different. Laser marking machine is already very popular in the various industries, in the face of a wide range of laser equipment we how to choose? Then choose the specific requirements of the laser marking machine is as follows: ( 1) Good beam quality laser output, including pattern and the stability of the die; ( 2) Whether the laser output power is enough big, It is the key to the speed and effect) , the energy is stable, Usually require stability was 2%, in some cases require 1%, in this way can we work out the ideal effect) ; ( 3) Laser should have high reliability, can be in harsh industrial processing environment work continuously; ( 4) Laser itself should have good maintenance, fault diagnosis and chain function, shorter downtime; ( 5) Clear, simple and convenient operation, control key function, can resist the illegal operation, the laser protection from being damaged. In addition, the price, quality, after-sales service is also in consideration scope. Secondly, according to the requirement of the marking products choose different power equipment, laser and related technical personnel recommendations, I believe you will get a very satisfied with the laser marking machine. Laser marking equipment, then, there is a quality guarantee period, the performance of the product and buy computers, closely associated with the use of computers, routine maintenance, the choice of equipment is also a key is after-sales service, once the equipment failure happened to find manufacturers, a good manufacturer must to do well in after-sales service.
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