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Ten common problems and solutions of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-11
With the expansion of the use range of cij printers and the increase of brands, the stability of inkjet printers will bring a lot of convenience to users. Today, here are ten common problems of inkjet printers, and some problems are briefly discussed. The handling method is for users' reference. Problem 1: Nozzle blockage. This problem is believed to be encountered by individual users or manufacturers who use cij printers. Long-term use or irregular shutdown will be the culprit of nozzle blockage. Then we must solve it from the source and standardize shutdown. If the downtime is long, manually clean the nozzle several times, then the problem of nozzle clogging will be gone for you. Question 2. The typing is not clear. Don't panic when you encounter this problem. In the long-term use process, this kind of failure will inevitably occur, so how do we deal with it? First check the nozzle part, clean the deflector plate and nozzle after shutdown, ensure that the nozzle part is dry and try again, 90% of the time it can be solved in this way. Question 3: Input method. Generally, cij printers will embed Chinese pinyin. We can do dot matrix drawing or computer chip transmission according to the instruction manual. The general solution is to let the cij printer after-sales service help solve it. Problem 4. Recycling is not smooth. The recycling slot of the inkjet printer is generally designed reasonably. When recycling ink, there will be a squeaking sound. If the re-absorbing sound is not strong or intermittent, then it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of recycling. The incomplete phenomenon leads to problems such as typing half a word. At this time, we need to start from the pipeline, clean and recycle the related ink path, and ensure the smooth ink path. Problem 5. No recycling at all. When we encounter this kind of problem, we must pay attention and solve it completely. In the case of confirming that the inkjet printer is not in use for a long time, confirm the quality of the circuit board, especially the pump control board that controls the back suction, you can call the manufacturer's inkjet printer maintenance specialist for assistance. Question 6. When typing is half-printed, the font height and amplitude are the key links in the setting of the cij printer. When the typing is not clear or the typing is only half-printed, we usually adjust the amplitude of the inkjet printer to control or adjust Print the word height, because the word height is also part of the deflection voltage control. Problem 7. The pressure is unstable. For the inkjet printer, the most important accessory is the pressure pump. The pressure pump is the source and hub of the pressure of the cij printer. If there is a problem with the pressure pump, a series of pressure failures or Problems will arise. When encountering this problem, we must first check the ink tank level, and then check the pressure line filter. Question 8. There is no character printing. Sometimes we will encounter no character printing no matter how we adjust it. It may not be a problem with the machine. We need to check whether the nozzle cover is installed properly. If the nozzle cover is not installed tightly, it may cause The ink is sprayed inside the nozzle cover, creating the illusion that the printer will not print. Question 9. The static electricity is too large. We must install the machine in accordance with the instructions of the machine, and connect the ground wire according to the standard to ensure the grounding depth and conduction of the ground pile are good. At this time, we can use a test pen to assist. Question 10. If you are not skilled in use, we will conduct customer return visits from time to time. When we change the operator, we will send staff to train in the shortest time, so that manufacturers can worry about it!
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